Nickname: Tultul
Birthday: 1st June
Birthplace: Sitakund, CTG.
Parents: Sadhan Ranjan Dey/ Sova Rani Dey
Wife: Naima Sultana
Son: Kumar Nibir
Sister: Baby Dey, Ruby Dey
Hobby: Music
Favorite Person: Kumar Nibir (son)
Favorite Singer: Kishore Kumar, Asha Bhoshle, Jagjit Singh
Favorite Actor/Actress: Amitab Bacchan, Shabana Azmi, Aishyaria Rai
Leisure: Listening new type of music and song composing.
Memorable Performance: Solo Concert of Newyork Baishakhi Mela in 1999
Source of Inspiration: Mother
Achievements: Many Many viewers and listeners.
Memorable Moments: Born of my child and first appearance of TV
Secret of Success: Politeness and hard work
Future plans: wanna make my son's future perfect
Hate: Hypocrisy.
Dare: GOD
Enjoy: share all my happiness with my family
Sensitive About: Love.
Sentimental About: Music.
Biggest Asset: Peoples love and some good songs
Favorite Aftershave: Armani
Favorite Superstition: Don’t Belive
Idea of romance: Love and Respect.
Dream girl: Dream girl.
Fear: Air
Bores: if i have to stay over mall for shoppin..its just waste of time
Touches: Some spiecial memorable time of childhood
Massage for Fans: You are my life and i am livin just for u ppl

Albums of Kumar Bishwajit
(Solo-22, Mixed-arround 50)
1. Best Hits of Kumar Bishwajit (Bengali songs)
2. Swargochhaya
3. Bishader shorolipi
4. Jekhane shimanto tomar
5. Du fota Chokher jol
6. Onubhobe
7. Hridoyer Moina Todonto
8. Root
9. Gontobbo
10. Dirghoshwash
11. Othoi nil
12. Prohori
13. Ek mutho jochhona
14. Shikari
15. Obosheshe
16. Rongdhonu Ronge (Duet with Asha Bhoshle)